A Message to our Muslim Friends


Dear Women of Islam,

First of all, thank you for investigating The Truth Collective.  It is our firm belief that women have the heart and the mind to understand Truth. By joining us here you have honored us with your intellect, your trust, and with your heart to seek and believe what is True.

In my experience there is always a “pink elephant in the room” – an issue that is on everyone’s mind but few want to talk about, so let’s just get that out of the way first:

Is the goal of The Truth Collective to convert Muslims from Islam to Christianity?

The answer is: we couldn’t - even if we wanted to.

Christians believe God has given each person a mind to learn and know about God, but He has also given humans a heart to believe what God says is True.  Christians and Muslims alike are challenged by their holy texts to offer the Truth to those who don’t already know it:  You call it dawa, we call it evangelism. This is the exploration process of coming to know something with our minds.  However, the Bible makes it clear for Christians that we don’t have the power to change anyone’s heart - therefore, we don’t have the power to convert anyone; that is, and always has been, the work of God Himself. We built The Truth Collective to engage the minds of women but we are trusting God exclusively to open and direct our hearts.

So if we don’t have the power to convert Muslims to Christianity, then what are we doing and why is it so important for our culture?

Making Truth a Priority

Both the Quran and the Bible claim to contain the source of absolute Truth:

We sent down the (Quran) in Truth and in Truth has it descended….
Say: “Whether you believe in it or not, it is true….
Surah 17:105,107  (Quran)

I am the way, the Truth, and the life - no one comes to the Father but through me.
John 14:6  (Bible)

This common belief is very important in our modern culture where so many Christians and Muslims alike are beginning to let go of the Truth claims of their faith and instead look to all worldviews for hope, peace, and escape from sin.  But if you are a good Muslim you know the Quran (and even more, the Hadith) does not claim to accept other worldviews: Islam demands that Allah is one and that there are no other gods but him. Likewise, the Bible claims that Jesus is God and that He alone is the only salvation from sin.  While our holy texts disagree on what Truth is, we stand united in two very important beliefs:

  1. There is only one Truth and all women (and men) are entitled to know it

  2. We are permitted, esteemed, honored and encouraged to pursue Truth with others; even those who disagree with us!

Discussing Differences is Good

As you look through our web site you will likely begin to notice something rather important: we believe certain things to be true that are not the same as Islam.  In fact, we believe things that are opposed to Islam. Our modern culture would like to embarrass Muslims and Christians by suggesting we don’t see our differences; but we do, don’t we?  God has given us minds to compare and recognize those differences but He has also given us hearts to love those with whom we disagree.  After all, He first loved us even when we disagreed with Him!

We love [others] because He first loved us.
I John 4:19 (Bible)

Therefore, The Truth Collective would like women to acknowledge our differences but also press into those differences for a very important reason:  if the Quran and the Bible say things that are contrary to one another….they can’t both be True!

But we don’t have to be afraid to disagree because God wants us to know what is True and therefore if we ask Him to make His Truth known to us we can be certain, as we discuss and learn from each other, the Truth will show itself.  (Remember, a loving God would not play “hide-and-seek” games with those He loves!)

Pursuing Truth Together is Also Good

In the Quran your Prophet was directed to demand a defense from Christians (and Jews) because we claim to be the only Truth yet disagree with the Quran:

And they say: “None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or Christian.”
Those are their (vain) desires.  Say: “Produce your proof if you are truthful”.
Surah 2:111

Likewise, Christians are also commanded to “give an answer” to those who question our beliefs:

But in your hearts set apart [Jesus] Christ as Lord. And always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.
I Peter 3:15

Both the Quran and the Bible give us not only the authority but the invitation to talk with one another about what we believe to be True.  And all members of The Truth Collective firmly believe that if we claim to be people of love we cannot keep silent about what is True.  It is far too important! Rather, we can build authentic friendships based on respect and honor that allow us not only to search for Truth together, but also enter into one another’s lives with deep concern, prayer and genuine love.

Women are Truth-Warriors

Women have long since been the leaders of cultural change, even when we are silenced or oppressed. We believe women were made in the image of God which means we not only have a beautiful tenderness and compassion for our families and our friends, but we are also wise and intelligent and able to understand Truth with God’s help.  

Will you please join us at The Truth Collective? Your ideas, your opinions, your woman-hood is welcome and esteemed here. Please contact us at info@thetruthcollective.org and we will connect you with a Christian woman who is just like you: a believer and seeker of Truth.

If you would rather study the Truth claims of Jesus on your own, that’s okay too!  Just email us and we will show you how to get the Bible in your first language and a movie about Jesus’ life through the privacy of your phone or computer.