Our Vision

A day when Muslim women are compelled to investigate the Truths of Scripture as they witness the life of a Christian set free by the Gospel.

Our Mission

Inspiring and equipping Christian women to seek and believe what is True so that Muslim women will encounter the life saving power of God’s Word through authentic relationships


Why is The Truth Collective needed?


The premise we work from is that women share what they believe.  Just check your Facebook feed or hashtags for words like essential oils, homeschooling, diets, women’s march and other causes that Christian women are committed to based on personal experience and a concern to move others into “right” living.  So while compelling memes and top ten lists for a successful Christian life hold their own in hashtag popularity why, then, do we seem to avoid the discussion of Truth?   

After years listening to Christian women around the world and, frankly, analyzing our own resistance to the Great Commission, we identified some fundamental unTruths that prevent us from boldly standing for Truth with Muslims.  In short: we have some critical gaps in our understanding of Christianity! We struggle with faulty beliefs about Scripture, the Character of God, our need for a Savior and our identity as the redeemed bride. 

Couple that with cultural fears and confusing faith rhetoric and we are left with a generation of women who quite often must evangelize themselves before feeling they can confidently and competently explore Scripture with Muslims.

This is actually a great problem to have!  Because the questions we argue in our own minds about the foundations of Truth, are the same questions our Muslim friends wrestle with as well; but with no knowledge there is a God who lovingly rescues them from shame.

The Truth Collective gathers all women around one fundamental question: is it True? Everything we claim to believe can and will stand the test of critical thinking and prayer. To courageously and lovingly explore Scripture with our Muslim friends, we must expose the holes in our own understanding of who God is and who He invites us to be.

Courageous love requires deep roots!

“The questions we argue in our own minds about the foundations of Truth, are the same questions our Muslim friends are wrestling with.”