The story behind the Truth Collective

When we are lied to, we experience one of the deepest betrayals any relationship can endure.

Early in life we must grapple with the sting of falsehood: like the fine print on a sign that says “FREE”.  A friend that says “I won’t tell” before blasting it out on Instagram. A spouse who vows “til death do us part” while indulging in the company of another. Lies can have catastrophic emotional, psychological and spiritual implications, and some lies can even define who we are.

I’ve been on the receiving end of many lies in my own life. But in 2011, while working in Africa, I stood face to face with, what threatened to be, the most terrifying doubt for any Christian. I wondered:

is the Bible true?

Perhaps you can fathom my fear and shame when confronted with the possibility that my entire world view - all I had come to accept as true - had actually been a lie.

Is the Bible true? In the comfort of my mid-west childhood, in the “land of the free, home of the brave”, I rarely wrestled with such a question.  No one inquired of my faith for two reasons:

  1. It’s a free country, I am entitled to be a Christian

  2. I didn’t often share my faith - in word or deed

But as an adult, in the Islamic circles of east Africa, I was seen as a Christian because of the color of my skin and therefore my words and my behaviors were filtered through that lens.

Honestly examining Jesus can cost Muslim women everything. We must have deep convictions to call them to take such risks.

Honestly examining Jesus can cost Muslim women everything. We must have deep convictions to call them to take such risks.

Being a “good person” this wasn’t a problem as long as my relationships with Muslim women stayed outside the front door.  

But in the span of a few months my faith took an angry turn as I witnessed some of the most intimate and horrifying crimes against women; women I called my friends.  I stared in the eyes of those who had been beaten, gang raped, neglected, burned, excommunicated, circumcised and sexually exploited.

My heart longed to give them hope. But I could not bring myself to offer any Sunday School answers for one very important reason: I couldn’t bet her life that it was true.

So I embarked on a personal study of Scripture like I’d never done before. With my faith and worldview hanging in the balance Jesus proved Himself to be “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” on every page.  My understanding of who He is and how He rescued me became undeniably...TRUE. Simultaneously I listened and learned about Islam from my Muslim friends and I read the Quran for myself. As a compassionate and respectful learner I began to uncover a worldview which laid in stark contrast to the Truths found in my Bible.

At The Truth Collective we are calling Christian women to own the Truths of the Bible and invite our Muslim friends to courageously examine the words of Jesus. Doing so could cost her everything: her family, her identity, or maybe her life. So the courage to explore Scripture with her only comes when we know for ourselves…this Truth is worth it all.  

So we invite all women to this challenge:  

Believe what’s True.


Jami Staples
Founder and CEO
The Truth Collective